11/17/16 6:00 pm
Karen performs Strauss, Brahms, Barber, Hahn and Lie in German English & French. The program, titled "Elemental," which features 4 talented singers, will be 100% art song and will be moving and fun and beautiful. 

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8/19/16 6:00 pm
Audition for the Denver Art Song Project in Denver Colorado
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The Truth in Singing Experince DVD is now available for purchase!
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Karen films her Truth in Singing Experince DVD 

7/27/15 6:30 pm
Karen sings Jazz & Art Song at
the Gold Hill Inn. For info & reservations:

12/11/14 10:30 am
12/13/14 11:00 am
12/13/14 1:00 pm
Karen performs "The Mother" in Hansel and Gretel with the Boulder Opera Company Deccember 2014

Audition for "Lady Billows" from
Albert Herring by Benjamin Brittan with
the Bronx Opera Co, New York, NY 

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